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it was changed from? i'll tell you here in just a second. well, hello, america. happy thanksgiving. thank you for being here. i'm happy you are joining us. i have been preparing for this holiday by eating non-stop for about eight months now. i just want to get my stomach in shape. it is the own he only exercise i do, eating pudding. anyway, it is a great time of year because we are reminded that we have a lot to be thankful for in this country. please, i beg of you, pray like you have never prayed before and give thanks. as bad as things may be, we still are living in the most amazing time and the most amazing country in the history of mankind. we often take the simplest things for granted. we must stop doing that. we must look at each and every freedom that we have and be grateful. we must be grateful for our homes, even if we are struggling to stay in them. we don't realize how fragile our liberties really are. you remember the way it was on september 11th, on september 11th, we realized, oh, my gosh, our country is fragile. it could be snatched away at any given moment. as you're sitting i
but this country. this is a big alaska bald eagle. it's larger than the bald eagles that might live in america. >> larry: the bird of america? >> exactly. a lot of eagles are shot thinking they may be a buzzard or something but they're an immature bald eagle. if that were a wild bird, larry, those talons would go through her skin, break her bones and in a second. the pressure on the arm is beyond anything you can imagine. >> i work out. >> look at that peek there. it's used for tearing. >> when he does that, what is he doing, is he refreshing herself? >> she's just getting comfortable on my arm. she's stretching out her wings like we stretch our arms. >> larry: i got to get one more. >> thank you. >> larry: and now we have a red-crested turacao. >> look at the colors on the screen. look at this head. i think it dates back to australia, that prehistorici ii birds. >> larry: the next guest can outjump kobe bryant, now if only a basketball, who knows? that's in 60 seconds. stay with us. make that paperwork go away... ...making the process faster and easier to manage - not to mention you're saving
to protect their children. they have the hardest job and most respected job in america. right now, many mothers are concerned about what the future holds for their kids. moms are saying now, wait a minute, i don't understand exactly what happened to our country, but i can see where we're headed here. what's happening to our schools? how do our children survive in all of this? here is a look back at a special show featuring the 9/12 moms. it was amazing, history lessons are not being taught to our children. that is the theme of the first one. it was basically that our kids, they don't even know what america is anymore. they don't even know the history. you want to start there? >> well, i would like to say about that is we need to know history. i wrote the article, why i am no longer an african-american, because it seems like in this time in our nation, we should be together. we should be americans, but it seems like we're being so torn apart. one of the things we need to teach our children, because it was a long time ago, 40 years ago, we need to see the time that our children can walk h
parents in america that face what i faced and todd faced, and that was some surprising news that not everything was going to be quote unquote normal or perfect with the pregnancy. what i describe in the sbook the process i went through through a lot of prayer that was finally accepting that trig was going to be a gift from god and my prayer was certainly answered the moment he was born when i realized oh, my gosh, god knew what he was doing and trig would be a perfect fit in our family. sean: but there was a period of time you -- before you could tell wrur husband about this. tell us how you describe it in the books. >> right. that was a rough couple weeks, three weeks when todd and i were physically apart and i didn't want to tell him over the phone that our child would have down syndrome. i wanted to be able to sit down and look him in the eyes. when i was finally able to tell him todd had such great perspective and reaction to it and probably a better reaction than i did at first when he was quite accepting and reassuring me that everything was going to be ok and truly th
>>> making news in america this morning, white house breach. white house reality stars, crashing the first state dinner. how did they get in? and what does it mean for white house security? >>> pedal problems. why will it take five more months to fix these cars? >>> and turkey day tradition. there's something differt at this year's parade in new york. we're live in manhattan on this thanksgiving day, 2009. >>> good morning. and happy thursday. happy thanksgiving. thanks for joining us this morning. i'm jeremy hubbard. vinita is spending the holiday with her family. a virginia couple may face charges aftering on facebook about crashing the state dinner on tuesday night. when ordinary americans are screened and scanned every day, how can a breach this big take place at one of the most secure places in the country? the obama state dinner was a hot ticket. >> cheers. >> reporter: so hot, that two reality tv stars apparently crashed the party. the socialites from the show "the real housewives of washington" were announced. but the white house says they were not invited, marking what a
continent of america? a species of owls. except for antarctica. >> larry: don't tell me an owl. >> an owl, exactly. let me show you something, larry. people ask, why does he turn his head that way. the eyes are so big. i was going to say if i see pretty girl, you can take your eyes without moving your head, right. the owl, he cannot do that. with his eye socket, he cannot turn his eyes. isn't that amazing? the ears are not up here like the little tufts are. the ears are faced like this, like a cup. so this owl -- neither one of them -- they like insects. this owl, that likes the insects, too. this owl, if he's out for a mouse or rat in this room, he can hunt in that location without seeing it. that's why they call it the wise old owl because of its senses. its brain, larry, is very small. how much do you think an owl weighs? >> larry: 35 pounds. >> you hear that? i'm not laughing at you. >> larry: yes, you are. what does it weigh? >> only two pounds. it's all feathers and hollow bones. can you imagine this? >> larry: my goodness. >> look at this, larry, it just disappears inside. >> larry
thanksgiving, america. >> yeah. >> we're thankful you're with us. i'm bill weir. with kate snow. robin and diane are elbow-deep in stuffing right now. so happy you could join us. >> happy thanksgiving to everybody. we have all your parade coverage this thanksgiving morning. check out this shot of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. that's right here in new york city. more than 3.5 million people expected to line the streets. and sam champion is live at america's longest-running parade. that's the ikea thanksgiving day parade in philadelphia. we'll check in with him in a few. >>> also here in new york, melissa rycroft will be showing us the newest floats. where is she? >> i thought she was the letter "d" for a second. >> she's going to bring all that. >> i think spider-man was asleep on the streets. >> that's one of the new ones. >>> also, for all of you cooking this morning, getting ready, our food editor, sara moulton, is ready to answer all your turkey questions. it's turkey 911. or 411. i guess it's 911 later in the day. you can tweet us your questions. or go to, our web
on the importance of philanthropy. later, america's future and the place in the world. at 8:00, the first of three nights of the c-span's original documentaries on the iconic homes of the three branches of the government, starting with the supreme court. >> tomorrow, dawn kpeck ofi an update on the commercial and real-estate markets. then, author of the walmart effect with charles fishman. after that,sidney hart. "washington journal", live on friday, 7:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span. friday, parliament opens its chambers as the youth parliament debates in the house of commons. also, jayson blair on why he fabricated and plagiarized news stories. also, have world the threat's been over height? sunday, two programs on democracy and the internet, including the university of virginia panel. facebook founder chris hughes on how social networking is changing the political process. this holiday weekend on c-span. >> thanksgiving weekend on c- span, american icons, three nights of original documentaries on the icon mccombs of the three branches of the american government, beginning tonight at 8:00 p.m. ea
the past two years. last year alone we invested more than any other public company in america. and at at&t we support a national plan that makes high speed internet available to every american family in the next five years - because we know that nois not the time to stall momentum or to stifle innovation or investment. the future is at stake, and at at&t, the future has always been and at at&t, the future has always been our business. at&t... your world... delivered. ♪ ♪ some eggs right here. withr the sausage you follow. ♪in' ♪ ♪ aaannd, heeeere, it is. yea dad, maybe tomorrow we could just talk? oh, sure sweetheart. ♪anything for you. jimmy dean fully cooked sausages. all of the taste, none of the prep. >>> this morning, security breach at the white house. the wannabe reality stars who crashed the president's state dinner. who are they? and how did they get past the secret service, in what is supposed to be the most secure place in the country? stores going all-out and staying open all night, as black friday begins earlier than ever. and online deals like you've
are talking about a fundamental reset of the u.s. economy. that america was living high off the hog, american households and the whole country was living off of borrowed money and that this reset is going to mean people save more and people consume less and the economy grows more slowly and i think that's going to be a really wrenching social adjustment. >> you have identified one big issue in the jobs market and the problem we have got. the other one, bill, is that so many of these jobs that have been lost have been lost in manufacturing. and regardless of where you stand on whether we should have better manufacturing policy or we should manufacture more, the reality is manufacturing jobs, particularly lower paying jobs have left this country and higher paying ones have left this country. >> yes, we have major losses in manufacturing and major losses in construction and that's why we have seen men's unemployment rates rise faster than women's. we are a service based economy and particularly after november, october of 2008, this recession began to look like that garden variety recession where
to every d-lister in a leopard skin fez. america is a great country and we need not constantly tied ourselves. they are the ones who whipped themselves in the back, not us. bill: the white house says it was not a bow you are saying what? >> i do not want to get into what it is. >> it depends on what the meaning of the word "is" is. >> he was dressed like sergeant hillary clinton and then down to his hips. whatever you want to call that -- sergeant bilko and then down to his hips. whatever you want to call that -- why doesn't he bowed to the queen, for god's sakes? >> hello. bill: oprah and his wife are with barack obama tomorrow. what do you think? >> listen, i do not have any trouble. i think harry truman pulled the pan on the grenade in hiroshima on his way back from potsdam. he can do the same on air force one or zero proposal plane. o proposal was probably nicer. -- oprah's was probably nicer than air force one. get ready to be deemed racist. bill: you agree with me. get the olympics for chicago. it is a good thing for america. it is popular overseas. he can do whatever he wants
as a public service by america's cable companies. coming up this thanksgiving day, director steven spielberg received the liberty medal at the national constitution center. then, remarks from the former undersecretary of defense, paul wolfowitz on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. after that, political strategists assess the new obama administration as he nears his first year in office. friday, for the first time in british history, parliament opens its chambers to non-mp's as they debate in the house of commons. former new york times reporter at what has to his plagiarism. a look back to the cuban missile crisis, as well. also, have world threats been over-the post cold war world. sunday, two programs on democracy and the internet, including the university of virginia powell on how the political process has been affected by the internet. the facebook founder will talk about how networking is changing the political process. this holiday weekend on c-span. >> thanksgiving week and on c- span, american icons, three nights of cspan original documentaries on the iconic homes o
general motors and chrysler? governments don't own big companies in america. what ruptured? what ruptured is the concern that there is way too much in spending and to be fair, it's not the president's fault. but when you say -- and the combined the billions of dollars, there is one huge massive spending and as a stimulus package. . >> what happens is the republican party has a lot of troubles. we put on the brakes and send a missile. that was to park. -- that was too far. many private people said there will be a bill and we're better off negotiating in good faith because there is going to be a bill. what is going to happen is this possibility, which is the a.m .a is there because they thought they would get a deal. if it does not get fixed, i do not know where they will be. hospitals are there because they said they would have 9066%6% coverage. >> why do you think the industry support did not translate into republicans support? >> we're down to 170 boats. at 177 votes, the sport gentleman in new orleans. ok, we could lose that seat. at 177 seats, there are not a lot of seats you can lose.
to moderate the international market for the benefit of the reduces and consumers. america, the united states is one of our major trading partners. we supply an essential part of the oil in the united states. of course, a little oil also goes to europe, so half and half, europe and north america. and finally to other various trading arrangements. we believe that the current market situation is one that has to be handled with such a mind of delicacy because in the process of recovery and intel it's fully recovered, we will have to be careful how much oil we put in the market retries if we're not careful then it could try the prices very low, like they went as low as $30 a barrel at the height of the economic problems the world experienced over the past year or so. we are hopeful that the recovery of the national oil will continue. in which case, we will be able to reduce an export more. we have, i'm sure you have heard about the recent problems in nigeria, which resulted in serious demolition of our capacity to produce and damage to our oil infrastructure. but with the recent fortune and occur
. 70% think their children are going to inherit a worse america than them. a majority. that is what is going on. that is the anger and frustration that the book explores. the idea of what went wrong and how to fix it. this is the most important -- i do this at the end because i have an audience. who has kids or grandkids between the ages you are? you don't have any. who has kids between the ages of ten and 18 or children between 10, and 18? raise your hand. this you will want to write down. i will go through it very quickly. of all the things that are in this book this is how to keep your kids happy and healthy. this is not just a book about politics or economics. it is quality of life. you have got to have dinner with your children five nights a week or more because that tells them that they are the most important things in your life. more important than business or social. if you are not having dinner with your kids, is that your dad? yes. you are going to tell me as i go through this whether it is a check or a minus for you. does your dad have dinner with you? >> he works late. >
political characters. john kennedy and richard nixon were two of the most brilliant political minds america produced in the '60s. nixon was on the national ticket five times and won four of the five times, and last i checked that's one of the best batting averages of anybody who's run for the american presidency. and, of course, john kennedy becoming the first and only roman catholic president in american history is an interesting story in and of itself. secondly, it was an extraordinarily close election. kennedy won by just a tick or two over 100,000 votes out of the tens of millions that were cast, so it was extraordinarily close. it was also, i argue, really the first modern campaign when you think about pollsters, you think about use of media, you think of mass buying of advertising. and when you think about religion as a political force, you add owl -- all those things together, and many things we take for granted today in many ways began in that 1960 election, so i think it's the beginning of modern political campaigns. but it was also what i call the lahr value stage of the religious
calls in just a minute. let me begin with the president's proclamation. you can find it on in it he recognizes-americans who helped colonist to survive their first harsh winter, and acknowledged the troops serving overseas and here. he ends with saying that he set his hair and eye-- you can readn there is an editorial about thanksgiving. it is from newsweek. in notes that lincoln declared the annual national observation primarily due to a 15-year head campaicampaign. "the new york daily news" editorial ends with this -- though the date changes from year to year, the purpose does not. give banks to god in whom you believe, for despite our differences and travails, we are truly blessed. a things giving toast here. -- at thanksgiving toast here. we will bring more from the washington times this morning and other editorials. first we want to thank you what you are thankful for this morning. we want to begin with news about afghanistan. sir, let me begin with the front page in their headlined -- the u.s. is seeking 10,000 troops from its allies. let me ask you
, unless it rises to the level of the national game. it is a national game. it is america's pastime. it raises to the level of a congressional response. as i said, not in a punitive manner, but in a collaborative manner. in a manner that says, we want the sport to last. we would like there to be more boys playing. and we also have girls football. and we want more people playing and more people lasting. mr. barbour, let me thank you for all that you have given to the people who watch you. do you think the structure of the nfl contracts are contributor to players shielding their symptoms and is there anything to change that culture? >> i will answer that question. come i. ifit comes down to pride. i hated seeing someone else do my job. i think my contracts were not incentivized based on playing time, but for me, it was a sense of pride because i loved doing my job. >> can we balance the pride with ways -- i was going to refer to playing times and incentives -- >> you balance that with education. if you give players the knowledge of their injuries and the potential dangers of their inj
the america's polo cup. it's part of a series of polo tournaments that they founded a few years ago. bravo declined to comment. more than 300 people were invited to that dinner. one of them, dr. sanjay gupta, says he can see how there might have been some confusion. >> it seems quite possible that there was -- that first check point was the time that people were sort of scrutinized the most. a lot of times the social second was there and sort of recognized people and then scratch names off a clipboard literally. but i'll tell you, it was pretty crowded right outside the east gate. that's where every entered at that time. some people were driving up, some people were walking up, and just a lot of people all includesered around. there was really one person sort of scratching names off the clipboard that the point. >> dr. gupta says the sahalis probably didn't make it to the receiving line because you needed a name card for that and they were never seated at a table for dinner. >>> two planes destroyed in a crash and they never left the ground. it all started when a man passed out behind had
of america, these negottions will not yield the kind of the nd of results that we are looking r. true, weould have hoped at the unitedtates of america wod have been more ambitious than whait has indicated. >>eporter: india is also one of the wod's largest producers of greenhouse gas issions, but is a relative newcor to an industrialized onomy. saran sa the country has concerns that a climate agreemencould stifle economic develoent. >> for us, climat change is not just a sepate issue, it is intermixed with our developmental, yoknow, issues itself. so how we balance,ou know, the problem of climate changeith the other stresses and strns that the count is going through as is process of social and economic transformaon, we wou hope that there is soe understanding of that challee that we face. >> reporter: mntime, a series of studies releed today in the british medil journal "the lacet" could give another boos to advocates of addrsing climate change. the studies fnd that cutting carbon emissions couldave millis of lives-- mosy by reducg the number of deaths from hearand lung diseases. >> climate ch
is always a reminder of hungry people across america. hustles struggle year-round to put food on the table. so a lot of people are being fed in new york city, an ongoing problem. people across the country are struggling. back to you. shannon: as troops celebrate thanksgiving, many wonder if they should be sent to afghanistan, with holes indicating -- polls indicating that the majority of americans oppose the war. tens of thousands of additional forces could be on the way to the battlefield as the president unveils his strategy tuesday night in a prime-time address from the u.s. military academy at west point, and also, he will be talking about some sort of exit strategy. caroline is live in washington. happy thanksgiving. what can you tell us about this exit strategy? are we talking about an end date, or something more vague? >> plenty of talk about the goals. the white house tells us that the president will make it clear that this is not an open-ended commitment, that certainly being something liberals want to hear. he will also walk us through his decision making process. officials tell
, the president and congress are moving forward... with reform that includes the best ideas. backed by america's physicians. nurse leaders and nurse practitioners. america's hospitals. prohibiting cuts to medicare benefits. protecting your choice of health care professional. covering preventive care, and closing the prescription gap, to reduce out-of-pocket costs. ♪ well, say you're looking for it in new places, like working with a supplier in china and a manufacturer in germany to reach new customers in the u.s. well, ups can help bring it all together with efficient solutions like paperless invoice that can help make customs a breeze. hey, the opportunities are out there. seize them with ups. you know, it's hard drawing those perfect circles. >>> joan brooks. her son christopher is dying right in front of her. husband joe is doing cpr. >> then they say, well, do you have any heart beat? do you have any breath? i'm listening. no, i don't. just screaming where are these people? it was taking -- 8 1/2 minutes is a lifetime. >> i don't know if he can imagine how a second and a second is an hou
of new jobs in secure clean energy sources that are made in america and work for america but in the meantime we are looking for ways that we can start reducing this threat right now. last friday i saw some of you at the white house state briefing that i hosted with lisa jackson the administrator of our environmental protection agency. at that briefings we talked about many of the steps my department is taking in this area for funding research on the health costs of greenhouse gas emissions to investing in committees to help demaris fanta climate related disease, to slashing greenhouse gas emissions and are owned buildings. this is not an afterthought for my department. this is a key part of our broader health strategy. wore and more we understand that health is not something that happens justin doctors' offices. whether you are healthier not depends on what you eat and drink, what e bright, how you get around and where you live. a world that is heating up and powered by coal-fired plants that filled the sky with harmful greenhouse gas is going to have fewer healthy people
. in america, anything is possible 18 immigrant families working in hotel lawn dress, restaurants and blue collar jobs come together to secure a loan for $1.8 million purchasing the apartment building. >> we all of us here, we fight on this property. >> reporter: it wasn't easy. far from it. it was touch and go up until closing. jose, the vice president of the co-op was getting anxious. >> what is happening? >> reporter: days went by, e- mails exchanged. then the word, the building is yours. >> i was there signing the papers. a ton of papers. >> reporter: the 18 families that purchased the building said they came together for one reason. they were tired ofpushing so many low income families out of the neighborhood. buying it is one challenge. renovating is it another. >> there is a need for a new roof, new electrical system, plumbing system and to do some rehab insight the apartments to have new kitchens and bathrooms. >> reporter: a job estimated to cost around $2 million. a project that will require every telephone move out six months, inconvenience for sure but so necessary. >> right no
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, exploring the trail across america. she worked on projects with the nebraska humanities council, organized the first nebraska literature festival and served on the board for the nebraska center for the books. her studies in early nebraska history and in lewis and clark lead her to a search of documents related to the upper louisiana territory where lewis served as governor where he died. from discoveries and she made, she presented case for a new theory as to the cause of loosest death. she also maintains a website, death of merriweather and a blog as the facts related to mistry. please join me in welcoming kira gale. [applause] >> thank you very much. very pleased to see such a large attendance. tony reminded me that just at this time 200 years ago today, lewis was writing up. it was the last day of his life and that was at dusk. because this is such a serious topic, i felt that i did need to prepare this as a written statement, but i will try my best to read it well and then we can go into questions. it is a 30 minute talk. i would like to thank the southern book festival and t
like to offer my help in any way should the opportunity present itself. rural america is near and dear to my heart and i would love to contribute to this field of research. these are some of the responses that we received about this book. it is clear that it touched a nerve and it should. because if we are ever going to have a conversation and get serious about small-town america it has to start somewhere. let me lay out some of the background to what we see as the issue. why it matters, what in many ways is a typical small town. and what we can sort of do going forward into the future. from 1980 to 2,000, over 809 metropolitan counties like the one we are in lost 10% or more of their population to migration. this is not natural decrease. this is people actually leaving. between 2000, and 2,005, over 800 rural counties lost 10% or more of their population again and in those same counties there were more deaths than births. the median age in these places had also risen pretty dramatically. that would lead us to conclude that the people who are leaving our young. in most cases although w
is long gone, but in this black market, bootleggers are striving. it's a cat and mouse game in america's moonshine capital. >>> plus, the table is set. but the thanksgiving teeth is not just turkeys. tonight, we have a pork recipe, in a holiday edition of the "nightline" plate list. >>> from the global resources of abc news with martin bashir and cynthia mcfadden in new york washington, this is "nightline," november 25th, 2009. >> good evening, i'm terry moran. let's begin tonight with a delicate debate. one that likely plays out in just about every american family with a teen daughter at home. at issue? attire. what's proper? and the way our culture seems to encourage girls to dress revealingly at an ever younger age. everywhere kids look, they see sex similar bombs and the so-called good girls are not the best role models. but one woman, a former pageant queen, is proclaiming a different message. modesty. as yunji de nies reports in our series "faith matters." >> reporter: for 14-year-old amanda and her mother tina, the mall is a mine field. nearly ever turn -- >> tight. that's a lit
thanksgiving edition of "good morning america," coming up, starting at 7:00. have a great morning. and happy thanksgiving, too >> just moments away on "good morning washington" party crashers. the secret service confirms two people snuck into the white house state dinner. we'll have a live report on that. >> whether you were a ball boy or selling popcorn here, he would -- everybody. >> a hometown hero. how you can pay your respects. helping the hungry on this thanksgiving. how people are giving back this holiday season. "good morning washington" begins right now. >> and good morning washington. thanks for joining us on this thanksgiving morning. doug is off today. lisa is off. we're holding down the fort. >> 50% of the team. >> and the weather. some big-time fog. yesterday we had a little sunshine peek in. did you see it? >> i did. >> let's take a look outside. you can see the washington monument? no, you don't see it. 42 now. 44 in bethesda. the dew point very high. dense fog advisory for the entire area. maybe a few peeks of sunshine for your thanksgiving. rain should hold off until later.
morning america," but robin points out she had to show her i.d., her photo, twice. is it possible that this couple was able to get past two sections of security? >> reporter: i got off the phone with security officials who said it's not clear if the couple went through that second checkpoint. the secret service is going to do a secure review to see exactly what went wrong. inspection division is involved. they plan to talk to everybody who was apart of the process, and yes they are going to talk to the couple. >> all right, pierre thomas, thank you. >>> we're going to turn now to the gatherings that went as planned as we celebrated our d oldest national holiday today. with all the traditions, from football games to family get togethers the day began as it always does, with that big parade. ron claiborne was there. >> reporter:en estimated 3 million people turned out for the macy's parade on a gray but balmy day in new york. there were a handful of new balloons cruising the streets. spider-man, mickey mouse, ronald mcdonald. >> i used to come as a kid. that's why i want to pass i
a million. and new home sales rose 6.2% in october. >>> october saw america's jobless rate reach 10.2%, that's nearly 16 million people out of work. and it means more people who need help and fewer with the means to give it. our jim acosta is live in washington with a closer look at the hard times this holiday season. good morning, jim. >> good morning, joe. and happy thanksgiving. you know, it's hard to tell, from talking to a lot of charities, they have a lot of anecdotal evidence that the need is up across the country. and as you mentioned, economists seem to say the recession is ending, but too many americans are not feeling it down on main street this holiday season, so charities, businesses, even government agencies are getting creative to help those in need. >> reporter: it's a new sign of the nation's hard times during the holidays. not the ringing of the salvation army bell -- >> just like that. >> reporter: but the credit card machine, that now comes with the kettle. >> it's one more tool for us to be able to use to help people, men and women, boys and girls, in our community. >> r
owner with her husband. the couple are co-chairs of america's polo club. the pair will be larry king's guests monday night. big stories making cnn wire now. philippine police file murder charges against a local politician. the mayor with his head covered you see in a second is charged in monday's massacre of 57 people who supported the political rival. five others reportedly will face charges among them three police officers. >>> somber ceremonies across mumb mumbai, india. a terror attack left more than 160 people dead. ten pakistani militants over four days and three nights stalked and killed people at three luxury hotels. >>> president obama out with the thanksgiving day message. his comments focusing on the economy and health care. here's a portion. >> as much as we have to be thankful for, we also know that this year millions of americans are facing very difficult economic times. many have lost jobs in this recession. the worst in generations. many more are struggling to afford health care premiums and house payments let alone to save for an education or retirement. too many are
college kids in america. they came in the army knowing they were going to fight. >> they were going to go and fight. >> and this beautiful setting. it's outside of washington, which is important. i think it will add to the gravity of the message. he's talking to the american people, and in the background he's talking to america's future generals. >> general mccaffrey, thanks very much. have a good thanksgiving. >>> coming up, the gop wants to give a purity test to that states ten essential principles to being a good office holder. how many office holder would flunk? >>> coming up, what's next in the health care battle, and how will the democrats get to 60? we know why we're here. to design the future of flight, inside and out. to build tomorrow's technology in amazing ways. and reshape the science of aerospace... forever. around the globe, the people of boeing... are working together -- for the dreams of generations to come. that's why we're here. >>> welcome back to "hardball." a group of conservatives unveiled a new litmus test of sorts for potential republican candidates to abide by. t
available speciast will be... bergman: collins called his credit card ba, bank of america, to protest e cutting of hisredit line. >> and there's nobodthat i can speak with at is point? okay, well, thank you veryuch. theye having extremely high call volumes. they can't even take your ca ght now. so, my guess is the po little six pele in that department arbusy now. >> bergman: they're the few peopleho don't have to worry abt their jobs at bank of america. dead center here. >> bergman: e new credit card act is notoing to help small busiss owners like ben collins. their rds are excluded from the law. >> it's a great ovsight because companies likeine are the companiethat are going to be the fir line of hiring. and thmore difficult they make it for us tsurvive and thri in this economy. it's disappointing, and 's left bad taste in my mouth. >>ergman: a national survey says thamore than 50% of ericans have had similar changes to the credit cards of one kind or another this means that tens of millions of americans arnow facinguch higher monthly payments on their bills, whi especially tough in a
... with reform that includes the best ideas. backed by america's physicians. nurse leaders and nurse practitioners. america's hospitals. prohibiting cuts to medicare benefits. protecting your choice of health care professional. covering preventive care, and closing the prescription gap, to reduce out-of-pocket costs. ♪ eggland's best. in my kitchen, i love eggland's best. that's why they're the only eggs... i make for my son. the chef. eggland's best. the better egg. >>> many veterans can tell extraordinary stories of their time on the battle front and often they're not so much about the actual fighting as about the difficult decisions that they had to make about life and death and trying to find harmony in the midst of the terrible time. photo journal john torlgoe went to utah to hear the song of a long lost war. >> i have a 70-year-old trumpet. it's been with me on all my combat missions all through world war ii. i never went any place without it. here we are, marjorie rogers, she and i have been married now 68 years. we finally got this p-47. it was a dream to fly. that's why i
more than any other public company in america. and at at&t we support a national plan that makes high speed internet available to every american family in the next five years - because we know that now is not the time to stall momentum or to stifle innovation or investment. the future is at stake, and at at&t, the future has always been and at at&t, the future has always been our business. at&t... your world... delivered. [ holiday music playing ] don't let those long holiday lines bury you. grab a delicious new dunkin' donuts peppermint mocha latte and chocolate mint donut today. great flavors, great value -- just another reason the holidays run on dunkin'. try the new peppermint mocha latte and chocolate mint donut today. >>> president obama faithfully performed his presidential duties pardoning the white house turkey. the president george h.w. bush was the first to pardon a turkey. and you're doing the disco now. >> i'm staying alive. >> this bird named courage was not put on the table. >> thanks to the interventions of malia and sasha, because i was planning to eat this sucker, co
for being with us. i hope happy thanksgiving, and from new york, good night, america. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute chris: next on "special report," president obama says he will attend the climate summit negotiate month. we have the latest on the president's yum cop upcoming announcement on afghanistan troop levels and we look at good news and bad news for the economy, and we'll show >> recovering you a recovery already underway in one part of the country. all that plus the panel. "special report" starts now. welcome to washington. i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. the white house is characterizing president obama's decision to go to next month's u.n. climate change conference as a sign of his commitment to find a solution to global warming, but recently discovered e-mails from climate scientists have many people doubting how legitimate that threat is. white house correspondent wendell goler explains. >> aides announced the president will stop in copenhagen near the start of the climate change confe
making news early today in america. >>> a south carolina man is facing multiple charges for allegedly faking a fall in a grocery store. take a look. newly released surveillance video approaches a wet floor sign and spills juice on the floor. he then staged his own fall and demanded up to $8,000 for his injuries. >>> authorities in coffey county, georgia, say they have disrupted one of the most sophisticated marijuana growing operations in the county. investigators say they also recovered $35,000 in cash. >>> a virginia tradition that dates back more than 350 years brought thanksgiving a day early there. governor tim kaine welcomed native american tribes who brought a gift of wild game. it commemorates a 1646 peace treaty that allowed indians to give the colonial government gifts in lou of paying taxes. >>> a turkey in massachusetts is determined not to end up on the dinner table. he was found tying up traffic for hours trotting from car to car. he eventually wandered up a hill and we're guessing he's probably a little grateful he didn't meet up with his friends, stuffing, gravy, and p
tomorrow on "america's newsroom." the shuttle unhooks from the space station yesterday after dropping of spare parts. the crew will check over their flight systems this morning and then settled down to is giving these in space. they say they are making do with what ever they can find in the pantry. beef brisket, chicken fajitas, sweet and sour pork. jamie: check out that view. come on home, we will see you tomorrow morning. firefighters have now gained the upper hand on a wind-driven wildfire in california. that is good news because fire crews are staying alert in case the santa ana winds whipped the flames back to life. take a look at these pictures. the fire breaking on tuesday night near a toll road in anaheim. that forced the california highway patrol to close many roads. right now is 90% contained. full containment is expected. kelly: this is a fox news alert. the swiss justice ministry says it will release roman polanski on they'll come under house arrest. he has paid a $4.5 million bail. his wife is pleased that he is being released. it does not affect the ministry of decision
homeownership in america. >> by not getting loaned you were saying that they last creditworthiness? >> exactly. >> do you have substantiation to back that up that when you do actual studies, objective studies, and you remove other variables, was there to evidence of discrimination? >> there was not. you can see that on a couple of levels. first is as i mentioned earlier, a black owned bank actually have a worse record of rejection, of minority app against it indicates that we're not talking to a racial component here. there is something else. >> i don't understand. you said acorn had pushed this. they had a believe in discrimination and you said studies prove there isn't. what was acorn getting out of the? >> there's a couple of things. number one, i argued this was really not about fighting discrimination. this was about income redistribution. >> because often with acorn, you see they are trying to get housing for people that are poor, they can somehow get in it, and they are looking on as a good service organization. >> right. >> what you say? >> i would say that's not true on a couple of le
humble man and saw america as a humble country before god. clayton: on this holiday as we look at one week after gettysburg, we talked about this a little bit. of course, the battle of gettysburg taking place over july 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in 1863. ainsley: don't get him started. here he goes. clarify clay i grew up in pennsylvania. come november when he goes to gettysburg and the graves are still fresh there all these confederate soldiers at gettysburg buried there he has to deliver this very short gettysburg address and then a week later give this thanksgiving proclamation. was it his mode to try to make this country heal? was that what he was trying to accomplish with that? >> in both instances he was trying to do that to not only heal up the tri but in the thanksgiving proclamation and gettysburg address, there is no references to the con fed der rats or southerners, it was an effort god look over the entire united states. there is lines about binding up the wounds of the nation. great effort at healing after this horrific war. ainsley: he thought the country needed thanksgiving. >>
ponce settlement remained unaffected and unchanged. the president has said america does not accept the legitimacy of continued israeli settlements. we recognize that the palestinians and other arabs are concerned because israel's moratorium limit the effect of the moratorium to the west bank. these are concerned we share. as for jerusalem, the united states policy remains unaffected and unchanged. as has been stated by every previous administration which address this issue, the status of jerusalem and all other permanent that his issues must be resolved by the parties through negotiation. the united states has not accepted and disagrees with any unilateral action by either party. a jewish state of israel living side by side in peace and security within independent and viable palestinian state. today's announcement by the government of issue helps move forward toward resolving the israeli/palestinian conflict. the parties can mutually agree on an outcome that extends to conflict in reconciles the palestinian goals of an independent in viable state. let me say to all the people of th
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accelerator pedals in four million toyotas and lexuses, including the camry-- america's top-selling car, 436,000 sold in 2008-- and the prius, the best-selling hybrid. the trouble is, in toyota vehicles like this 2009 tacoma pickup truck, the gas pedal can get tangled up in the floor mat, causing the vehicle to speed up even if the driver pumps the brakes. it's not enough to stop. five deaths have been blamed on this unintended acceleration and the recall was prompted by a crash outside san diego last summer that killed four family members. >> our accelerator is stuck! >> reporter: the family's horrifying last moments captured in this 911 call. the redesigned pedals will be ready for installation beginning next april. in the meantime, toyota will recall the cars and shorten the accelerator three quarters of an inch, perhaps as early as january so the mat can slide under it without trapping it. >> simply put, toyota's engineers weren't up to the job on this one. >> reporter: while toyota says it's very, very confident the problem's been addressed, safety expert clarence dit low says toyota st
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